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Something new

I’m still alive, work has taken most of my time for the past months, but it is slowing down, so I had time for personal projects again!

So this is a character that I started this weekend, and that I will hopefully be able to rig and animate soon.
I’ll use this guy to practice on my animation and to establish a pipeline with Blender, Gimp and Unity to eventually make a small game.


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Lucy Thunder WIP 01

Some screen grabs pieced-up together of what I have done lately.

I still need to add some clothing details/accessories before I call the modeling finished.


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Testing Open Source applications

Lately I have been looking into open source applications to make quality digital animation with a low budget.

I was looking mainly for a 2D package to paint concepts and textures and a 3D package to model, rig and animate.

I looked a Gimp first as a 2D package, but it felt a bit too empty…. so I searched for a solution to improve the application. Turns out that someone had the same needs I have and made a patch for Gimp called Gimp-Painter.

I’m still getting used to the shortcuts (well, mainly remapping them), but every day I feel more comfortable drawing in this package.

This is a sketch I made this morning with the standard (round) brush.

I haven’t downloaded any other brushes yet, but this is something I should do soon. There is also GPS (Gimp Paint Studio) that can be implemented to Gimp-painter, this is also something I want to test soon.

Today I modeled a character in blender3D, and i must say that the 2.5 version is way better looking that the previous versions.
Modeling the body was a way to get used to the interface and to the shortcuts (I changed a few of them to be comfortable)
The head was modeled a few weeks ago (in 3dsmax) and got imported as a .obj to test blender import function.

This is today’s body and the head merged together (no hands… I know)

Luckily the head and the neck had the same amount of vertices so it wasn’t too hard to attach them.

The mouse head was just a import and feature test, but I’m not feeling it… I will probably make a “real” head for this character.

Blender looks promising, but I still have to test the Unwrapping, Rigging, Animation, Lighting/Renderng and Compositing features of the package.

The above character should be a good way to test all these features.


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Update on the Low Poly Challenge – Textures 01

quick update on the textures

blocking colors and testing some patterns, I still need to do some more work on the legs and on the back of the character

added contrast and changed the “scaly” pattern for a woolen texture, feels more warm.

I might add some leather patches and brass buttons next to complete the look

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Update on the Low Poly Challenge – Unwrap

I received some great constructive critics from the forum members @Polycount, and it allowed me to optimise my UV layout and make it easier to paint.
this is where I’m at right now:

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Update on the Low Poly Challenge – Optimisation

I got some critics from the polycount members that allowed me to see some more optimisation I could make on the models.

I have added a belt and some bags to the character, to break the symmetry and to allow her to carry items.
At first, I tried to put the bags on the back of the vehicule, but I think they look better on the character.

The models are still at 2000 triangles.

I also began to unwrap (btw the TexTool script with RoadKill totally rocks!)

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Update on the Low Poly Challenge – Modeling

Update on the LowPoly Contest @polycount

Modeling is almost finished, so far I have managed to get exactly 1000 tris for the character and 1000 tris for the machine!

I might optimize the machine a bit more, thinking of getting 8 tris from the legs, 4 from the dash and 8 more from the antenna for a total of 20 extra triangles. I think I will use them for a holographic interface…

Here are some images I used as inspiration for the character and the machine

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