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integration and motion blur technique

here is a video of a 3d integration on real footage i made for school a few weeks ago.

The goal was not to animate the object, but to make it feel like it was part of the scene.
didn’t have a lot of time to make this… sorry for the crappy animation

the rig was based on this rig i did this summer

changed the turret for a camera and made the textures from scratch using 3dsmax material editor.

here is a clean render of the robot without the grain of the video

and a close up

(click on the images for wallpaper resolution)

these two images were lighted only by the HDR data I made from the kitchen.

the motion blur didn’t gave me what I was looking for for this video so i looked at other ways to improve the renders without having to to wait for hours before seeing the results

here is a test i made to get true 3d motion blur (translations and rotations)

made all the renders in mentalray and composited them without computing any motion blur, then went back to max and projected the renders on the geometry from the camera that took the renders (with self illumination) removed the lights and switched back to scanline renderer.
I then used the scanline motion blur to get true 3d motion blur.

this resulted in lightning fast motion blur (about 2-3% of the time it would have taken to get the same results with mentalray and/or camera motion blur) and better quality renders.
this also allowed me to see the resulting motion blur faster and let me more time to tweak the amount to get the desired final result.


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Facial Animation

facial animation of my main character.



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environment: textures+lights

environment update:

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My logo!

TVbot animation completed!

I still need(would like) to add sounds…

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As promised, a short clip of TVbot

Yep I named him TVbot.

quick preview of the run cycle:
(yes, he’s running into the camera)

Progress so far (for the company logo)
scene: done
lighting: done
animation: 50%
modeling: 95% (I need to “model” the actual letters of the company)
rendering: 1% (well, its more like 80% since pretty much everything is set except the depth of field that I don’t know yet if I will use. But I still have to render the final animation once every step above is 100% done)

Here is frame with better shadows/lights, ambient occlusion and motion blur:

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