Personal facial rigging exercise

Saturday, I looked for good topology head models, found one in the gnomon workshop’s freebee section.
I then modeled the interior of the mouth for the model, the tongue and the eyes.
Sunday, I made most of the morphers, skinned the rig and setup the eyes.
Today, I created the remaining morphers, linked everything to controllers and began cleaning the rig.

The rig is a hybrid (part skinned bones, part morphers) all driven by an intuitive interface.
Bones were used for the brows and the jaw, everything else is deformed by morphers.
There are still some tweaks needed on a few morphers and I might need to limit some deformations around the mouth, but overall its working nicely.

Head and teeth models from Gnomon Workshop:​

Music: Stamina, Venetian Snares

Everything else made by me.



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3 responses to “Personal facial rigging exercise

  1. Étienne

    Nice Job!

    Contacte-moi Marc-André, s’il-te-plaît!

    Étienne D, Cégep Matane

  2. Great work, had a look through most of your stuff – love it.
    What program do you use?

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