Lucy Thunder WIP 04

I have posted updates of the character everywhere but here… this should have been the first place updated

*click on the image to see a bigger version*

As you can see on the picture above I have changed the colors of her suit. Lighter and brighter colors were more suiting for this character, she doesn’t look like a UPS employee anymore and more like one of the “good guys”. She also look more sci-fi, which is a good thing as I plan to set the story in a sci-fi setting.

I was finally able to get a render style that I liked and the best part is that it doesn’t take long to render. So for the animations, quick renders = lot of time saved. If i mix this with my motion blur method, I will be able to get great visuals without take too much time to render it out!

Earlier I was planning to get her into Zbrush, turns out I decided not to. I didn’t really needed a normal map and with the render method that I am using, I wouldn’t be able to see the normal map.

As far as rigging goes there are some polishing to do (I want add some more animator friendly controllers and a GUI for the facial animation)
Its almost finished!

The next steps on the list are:
-Model/texture/rig her ship
-Model/texture the environment
-Model/texture/rig the bad guys

I’m not sure yet if I will do these in that order.


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