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I’m still alive, work has taken most of my time for the past months, but it is slowing down, so I had time for personal projects again!

So this is a character that I started this weekend, and that I will hopefully be able to rig and animate soon.
I’ll use this guy to practice on my animation and to establish a pipeline with Blender, Gimp and Unity to eventually make a small game.


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Personal facial rigging exercise

Saturday, I looked for good topology head models, found one in the gnomon workshop’s freebee section.
I then modeled the interior of the mouth for the model, the tongue and the eyes.
Sunday, I made most of the morphers, skinned the rig and setup the eyes.
Today, I created the remaining morphers, linked everything to controllers and began cleaning the rig.

The rig is a hybrid (part skinned bones, part morphers) all driven by an intuitive interface.
Bones were used for the brows and the jaw, everything else is deformed by morphers.
There are still some tweaks needed on a few morphers and I might need to limit some deformations around the mouth, but overall its working nicely.

Head and teeth models from Gnomon Workshop:​

Music: Stamina, Venetian Snares

Everything else made by me.


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Some of you might have already seen this


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Low Poly Game character wip3

the textures are done (512 diffuse with alpha)
closeup screenshot :

note that you will never see the character this close in-game, in fact the character wont even be 512 pixels tall!

here is a video where I test the rig:

next up, animation cycles and Unity integration.


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low poly game character wip 2

(almost final) texture

I still need to tweak it, mostly small details and seams corrections

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low poly character wip

This week I began to work on a low poly game character
The character weight 2000 tris and is UVed on a 512*512 texture map

I’m still working on the textures. Today I did most of the upper body, most of the sword and blocked colors for the rest of the model (way too dark atm).
note: what you see is not the final texture and will need some more polishing.

here is a wireframe/silhouette screen grab:

and here the texture wip

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Rig testing

Testing the rig to see if there is any tweaks required.

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